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Working Papers


  1. Complete Part I of the application for employment. Have your parent/guardian sign the application. No application will be processed without a parent/guardian's signature. Please also include your Student ID Number and your Phone Number on top of the application.

  2. You will have to go to your Family Physician for your physical. The physical fitness form must have, in addition to the Physician's signature, an official stamp from their office with his or her name and address.

  3. If you are not a Brentwood UFSD student, you must have photo identification and proof of age when you submit your application.

  4. You may drop off completed applications in the Ross Center Lobby of Brentwood High School on Second Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717. 

  5. We will mail your Employment Certificate directly to your address listed in eSchool.

  6. Upon receiving your Employment Certificate you must sign it immediately.

If you have any questions, contact Mr. Ingram at