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  • Don't be late! There's never an excuse for late arrivals.
  • Don't forget a copy of your resume and references.
  • Follow the interviewer's lead
  • Be confident.
  • Stand up straight, with your shoulders back.
  • Speak clearly and loud enough so the interviewer understands you.
  • Don't fidget. Make good eye contact.
  • Positive body language and a bright smile, are important.
  • Lean forward slightly when the interviewer is speaking.
  • Don't ramble. Stay focused on the questions, and how you fit the needs of the employer.
  • Stress your achievements. Make sure your good points come across in a sincere manner. Conduct yourself with determination.
  • Never close the door on an opportunity.

Check out Career Zone

Visit the Career Education Office, Room 2202 for more information regarding job-seeking, resumes, interviews and helpful job related advice