431 Spanish I (RA): Full year 1 credit
This course is offered at the Freshman Center and the High School and combines the course work covered in Spanish 1A and 1B. Spanish I offers the student the opportunity to develop the ability to speak, understand, and read simple Spanish. Emphasis is placed on basic conversation, pronunciation, fundamental points of grammar, and an understanding of the Spanish culture. Speaking and listening skills are stressed. Successful completion of course 431 earns 1 credit without the Checkpoint A examination. 

432 Spanish II (RA): Full year 1 credit PREREQUISITE: Spanish IA & IB, Spanish I or 8th grade

Accelerated Spanish The second credit Spanish continues the development of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and grammar. Dictation, translation, and readings provide for greater understanding of Spanish culture. Major emphasis is placed on the speaking/listening skills. 

433 Spanish III (RA): Full year 1 credit PREREQUISITE: Spanish II
Students will be able to comprehend, initiate, and sustain short conversations on simple everyday topics with native Spanish speakers. At this level students should develop more fully their skills in reading and writing. Communicative writing includes being able to persuade, describe, narrate, and seek information. Students will be prepared for the Checkpoint B examination in Spanish.